CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is what gets you up in the morning. It’s what pushes you to go further than you ever thought possible. CrossFit is more than simple physical fitness and training–it’s a mindset and a community. It fortifies you to reach your goals in every facet of your life, in the gym and beyond. The mental stamina you build will help you push through barriers at work and at home, overcoming hardships and hindrances.

Our community of motivated, dedicated athletes strives toward a common goal — becoming better. CrossFitters are committed not just to becoming better at working out, but becoming better in every way possible. The strength of the CrossFit community will pull you up after you fall down, and will push you forward if you fall behind. Every athlete works together to construct this environment of encouragement and support. In every class you attend, you will propel the standard of training to a new level, just as your teammates will do for you.

Our mission is to bring out the strength in each individual, instilling a deep-rooted sense of self-confidence, self-respect, success, and empowerment. As you train and develop these skills, you will see a positive impact upon your work, family, and social life.


We enrich our community, using  fitness as a catalyst for mental growth and fortitude. Our authentic culture of betterment and kinship creates a unique synergy.  Each individual contributes essential characteristics to the climate of advancement, enhancing your strengths by breaking down your mental barriers.

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