What can I expect in CrossFit WODs?

CrossFit WOD class includes a warm-up, coaching on the WOD movements, and a WOD. Class lasts 45 minutes to an hour. We are not concerned with how much you lift, or how fast you do it, only how CORRECTLY you do it. When you have learned the fundamental movements of CrossFit in our On Ramp program, you’ll be ready for the WODs.

What if I’ve never done CrossFit before?

We’ll get you started! First, come in to try out an ETB30 class. This will get you acquainted with the structure and movements you’ll see in CrossFit. Check out our schedule and give us a call. We’ll help you set up a time to check it out for free! We also have a Saturday ETB30 class, which is open to the public–no reservation required. Just arrive a little early to fill out our waiver, and enjoy a fun workout on us!

What if I have an injury?

All of our CrossFit workouts can be modified, and our expert coaches will make adjustments to meet your needs. We can give you everything you need to help increase your mobility, keep you from injuring yourself further, and make sure you get an amazing workout that is safe and appropriate for your body! We are always happy to customize a workout just for you.

How often should I do CrossFit?

If you are cross training for another sport, then 2-3 days of conditioning should be great! If you are doing CrossFit as your main sport to get into the best shape of your life, then 4-5 days a week will help you meet your goals best. But, as always, listen to your body.

What should I do if I am really sore?

We have the resources to get you feeling better! Come in and talk to our knowledgeable coaching staff, and they’ll show you how to stretch out your muscles. Roll out on the foam rollers, do mobility work, or do a light rowing workout–just keep moving! If you skip days at a time when you are first starting out, then you will always be sore. Just come in, and ask your coach what you can do to help your body recover.

What is ETB30?

ETB30 is a 30-minute workout designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles working in a short period of time. These high intensity workouts will expose you to a variety of different functional body movements, and challenge you with a different workout every day. Besides the length of the class, the main difference between ETB30 and a CrossFit WOD is that you won’t use a barbell or any advanced gymnastics in ETB30.

Who is this class for?

ETB30 is for everyone! It’s a great option for anyone who is short on time, but still wants to fit exercise into their day. It’s also perfect for people who are interested in CrossFit, but aren’t quite ready to dive into the barbell components.

Barbell 101 and Barbell 201

The barbell classes are a two-part series, which will get you acquainted with the fundamental barbell movements that will keep you safe in every CrossFit WOD. From squats, to deadlifts, to clean and jerks, learning proper form will help you get the most out of your workout, and prevent you from getting injured.

Who should take Barbell Instruction classes?

If you’re new to CrossFit, you’ll start off in the ETB30 program. Once the coaches feel you understand all the fundamental body movements, they’ll clear you for Barbell 101.

When do I come?

These classes are available on Monday and Wednesday every week. To take Barbell 101 and Barbell 201, please speak to the front desk to reserve a spot in class 24 hours in advance.

CrossFit is centered around community, and we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of a great workout, including increased energy, higher self-esteem, and better overall health. To spread the love, we offer a Free Workout Every Saturday.

Our skilled instructors will walk you through each technique for that day’s workout, making sure you’re at an appropriate intensity.

Class begins promptly at 11:00 am every Saturday. If it’s your first time to our facility, arrive 15 minutes early so you’ll have time to take a tour, meet your coach, and get changed into your workout clothes. Bring a friend, or make a new one! You’ll support and motivate each other through the workout, and enjoy the camaraderie of fitness.

CrossFit ETB is part of Easton Training Center Boulder, offering a wide range of fitness and martial arts classes. We are the only gym in Colorado offering this unique combination of CrossFit, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and kids’ classes.

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